Creating a Custom User Model

There are few different ways of customizing Django's User model. Depending on your needs, one could be more appropriate than the other. In this post I will show you how to replace the default User model by creating a custom model. Django's recommended method for this is to create a class that extends AbstractBaseUser that Django provides, ... Read more

Creating a Contact Form in Django

In this tutorial, I'm going to show how to create a simple contact form in Django. This form will ask the user for their name, email and message and will send the email with these contents to our specified email ... Read more

Basic Django Authentication

Django comes with a built-in authentication system, with which you can let users register and login to your website. The Django authentication consists of many features, including Permissions, Groups and the ability to extend and customize it to suit your needs. In this post; however, I will only discuss it's default implementation ... Read more

Sending Emails with Django - Setting Up

There are two things to know about when it comes to sending emails with Django. The first is the The Email Backend configuration that tells Django what to do whenever an app within your project tries to send an email, and the other is the actual code of functions and ... Read more